What Tooth Enamel Is and How to Protect it

Posted on: June 16, 2018

tooth enamel

Do you know the importance of protecting the enamel on your teeth? The more you understand about taking proper care of your teeth, the better your chances of a healthy mouth. Even if you practice proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice a day, the enamel on your teeth may still be in jeopardy. So, what are things that can cause your enamel to wear away? The acid found in many foods and drinks can be a major cause.

What is tooth enamel?

Tooth enamel is a strong protective layer of a tooth that helps prevent tooth decay. It protects the entire tooth, from the outside layers to the inside layers. The enamel protects the tooth from anything that can cause damage to it, mostly acids found in foods and drinks. Acid erosion can also occur when the bacteria found in plaque produces acid, which is why plaque removal needs to be done regularly.

Other factors contributing to the loss of tooth enamel include having a dry mouth, having gastrointestinal tract issues, being diagnosed with acid reflux, being diagnosed with bruxism, taking certain medications, having a low flow of saliva and your personal genetics.

The fact that enamel does not have any living cells means that once the enamel on a tooth is lost, it is gone forever.

How to protect it

Even though the enamel on teeth is the hardest substance found in the entire body, it is possible for it to become damaged or even wear away over time. Once a tooth’s enamel has been damaged in any way, the damage is considered to be permanent, as it cannot grow back. It is essential to take any and all proactive measures that can help protect the loss of enamel, because once gone, it is gone forever. The loss of enamel means a tooth is now in jeopardy, as it is much more susceptible to tooth decay that can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Need more information?

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