Teeth Whitening Options: 5 Facts You Should Know

Posted on: April 16, 2019

Teeth whitening treatments are used to eliminate discoloration and stains from a person's teeth. There are many options available to you if you are looking to improve the color of your teeth. Some options are more effective than others, so let's take a look at five important facts you should know about teeth whitening treatments before starting them.

Interesting facts about teeth whitening

1. Cheaper usually means less effective

Anyone can walk into a grocery store and choose from a wide variety of teeth whitening options. The cheaper selections tend to be low-quality products that contain abrasive products that can damage a person's enamel. The higher-quality options are typically less abrasive, but they are nowhere as effective as the products dentists have access to. Still, high-quality OTC teeth whitening products can significantly whiten a person's teeth over the course of several months.

2. Professional whitening treatments provide the fastest results

Teeth whitening treatments performed by a dentist can drastically improve the color of a patient's teeth after a single treatment. The American College of Cosmetic Dentistry states that one treatment can improve the whiteness of a person's teeth by up to ten shades. That is a significant improvement after a single treatment that takes a couple of hours at the most.

People who are looking for immediate results should consider going to a dentist for their treatment. Besides getting faster results, they also ensure the treatment is done properly and in a way that does not damage soft tissues.

3. Not all stains can be removed with whitening treatments

Whitening treatments are most effective when used on stains caused by the things a person consumes, like coffee or red wine. Whitening treatments are also effective when it comes to dealing with the discoloration that occurs naturally as a result of aging.

However, when it comes to stains caused by issues like fluorosis or tooth decay, whitening treatments are quite ineffective. These types of stains have to be covered up with a dental prosthetic like a crown or veneer to prevent them from ruining the aesthetics of the person's smile.

4. Maintenance treatments are needed

A person's teeth will continue to be exposed to things that can discolor them even after getting whitening treatments. An effective way patients can maintain their teeth's improved color is by getting maintenance whitening treatments. These treatments are performed at intervals to prevent the buildup of new stains and discoloration.

5. Dentists also provide solutions you can use at home

A cheaper way to get the quality whitening treatments dentists provide at a lower cost is by getting an at-home whitening kit. These kits come with a customized mouthguard made by the dentist that ensures the product is evenly spread on the person's teeth and it does not seep into the gums. At-home whitening does not produce the fast results patients get from in-office whitening, but it does produce good results over a few months.

Do not settle for discolored teeth

Restoring the white color of your teeth is as simple as walking into a dental clinic. Stop by our Des Moines clinic to learn more about your teeth whitening options.

Request an appointment here: https://www.desmoinesdentalcenter.com or call Des Moines Dental Center at (206) 408-8541 for an appointment in our Des Moines office.

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