Popular Options For a Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

This is a procedure performed by dentists to improve the aesthetic appeal of your smile. This may include a number of procedures to change the appearance of a smile. There are several factors that affect the procedure of the choosing the treatments. These include the structure of the jaw bone, the natural color of the teeth, length and width of the teeth.

These procedures are also performed according to the specifications and requirements of the patient. This means that the procedures implemented to improve the smile of one patient may not necessarily apply to you.

Most smile makeovers are done for aesthetic purposes or teeth alignment. Teeth alignment itself entails a number of procedures; therefore the time period it will take to achieve the perfect smile depends on the treatments that will be done.

Options for a Smile Makeover

Following are procedures that a smile makeover entails. The treatments you will be receiving as a patient depends on your needs.

  1. Porcelain treatment

This treatment is popularly referred to as porcelain veneers. This includes a thin layer of artificial teeth extensions that immediately improve the shape, color and overall look of the teeth. This is one of the most effective and quickest solutions to achieve a smile makeover. This treatment is non-invasive and is usually applied to fix a chipped tooth or the discoloration that occurs in teeth.

This can also be used to fix minor gaps in the front teeth. This can also be used to fix an underbite on a single tooth and make it appear aligned with the rest of the teeth.

You do not require a number of sessions with the dentists for this treatment. The preparation before this treatment is also quite minimal and the veneer is attached to the rest of the tooth using an adhesive.

  1. Composite bonding for a smile makeover

This is also a popular treatment done to improve the appearance of chipped decayed or partially broken teeth. This procedure replaces amalgam fillings and the material used to fix the teeth is specifically customized according to the color of the teeth. It is also lighter on the wallet.

    1. Teeth Whitening

    This is a procedure which helps lighten the color of the teeth. Even after maintaining proper dental hygiene teeth can get dull or discolored. This does not completely transform the appearance of the teeth; however, it is quite effective in improving the color of the teeth. This treatment makes the teeth appear “cleaner” and the patient receives a complete smile makeover. This is done using a specific bleaching product designed for teeth.

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