Loose Adult Teeth Require Immediate Attention and Treatment

Posted on: February 2, 2019

Even though children are often excited about the thought of losing a tooth, it is dreadful as an adult because loose adult teeth indicate that a dental issue has occurred. The causes may be anything from trauma or mouth injury to hormones and gum disease.

Regardless of the cause, it is important to consult your dentist immediately for diagnosis and proper treatment. The dentist will provide you with a variety of treatment options to save your tooth, and lessen your fears.

Information about loose adult teeth

How to know if a permanent tooth is loose

A loose adult tooth will not shake like a baby tooth. In most cases, patients often notice something is odd when they are cleaning their teeth or eating. Some people may realize it in early in the day but forget about it. This is because the tooth gets firm as the day passes.

In some people, the feeling just comes one day and disappears the next. This makes it is easy to disregard it altogether. If you ever notice that any of your teeth are moving, you should contact the dental office immediately for an appointment. Delaying treatment could worsen the situation.

What makes adult teeth loose?

You will consume thousands of meals in a lifetime, and produce plenty of chewing force from the process. With the support system of the jawbone and gum tissues, the teeth can withstand the pressure.

However, your teeth cannot withstand forces that are beyond the regular chewing forces regularly. Such forces occur with teeth grinding, which can generate about 20 to 30 times the normal force. This behavior occurs in adults due to stress and typically occurs during sleep.

These abnormal forces can strain the periodontal ligaments holding the teeth firmly. This causes the tooth to loosen up and potential loss. The most effective treatment is to lessen clenching and grinding with muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs or reduce the effects by wearing a mouth guard. The mouth guard can prevent teeth contact during clenching or grinding.

Even with normal chewing strength, your teeth can loosen up if you have advanced gum disease. Plaque, a mix of food debris and bacteria, cause the condition as a result of poor dental hygiene. As the plaque accumulates, the gum tissues become inflamed. This causes bone loss and gum recession from the teeth.

Loose tooth treatment

Foremost, the dental expert will treat the gum disease by cleaning plaque and tartar from the teeth and gum surfaces. This includes the areas affected beneath the gum line and near the root, a situation that may necessitate surgery.

With treatment, the gum tissues will begin to heal and reattach to the teeth. However, the process may take a while, which is why the dental expert will secure the teeth. This is usually by bonding them to adjacent teeth using a transparent acrylic material and a sheet of metal or sturdy material.

Final note

Once you notice the symptoms of a loose adult tooth, immediate action is essential to prevent eventual teeth loss. If you discover your gum is painful, swollen or bleeding, or that a tooth is loose, do not hesitate to contact the dentist so they can begin treatment immediately.

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