What Is Laser Dentistry Used For?

Posted on: June 17, 2019

Laser dentistry has helped a lot of people. Thanks to advances in technology, medical professionals rely on laser treatments for all kinds of issues. Some examples include the removal of hair, spider veins and polyps. Now, dentists rely on it too.

Introduction to laser dentistry

This form of dentistry is a minimally invasive method of performing gum surgery. However, dentists also use it as a treatment for cavities along with a variety of other oral problems. Using a focused beam of light, a dental professional can reshape a patient’s gums and remove overgrown tissue. This procedure is also what dentists use on patients to whiten teeth. Laser dentistry is now commonly used for adults, as well as children and teens.

Additional treatments

Laser dentistry works great for many additional problems beyond those mentioned. Following is a list of what a dentist can do with a controlled beam of light. Of course, when having a consultation, a dental professional will discuss all of the options. If possible, they will offer this simply because it works so well.

  • Treating canker and cold sores
  • Eliminating gum inflammation
  • Taking care of root canal infections
  • Removing tissue from the throat to correct sleep apnea
  • Exposing wisdom teeth
  • Regenerating damaged nerves
  • Taking biopsies
  • Removing benign tumors of the mouth

Tremendous benefits

Without question, laser dentistry offers many benefits that a patient would not have with a more traditional treatment. As an example, this dramatically reduces the chance that a patient would need to have stitches. Also, depending on the work a dentist needs to do, an individual might not need any anesthesia. There is also a reduced risk of infection following the procedure and a faster recovery period. Even the amount of blood loss is less. The reason — along with the beam of light correcting an oral issue, it cauterizes at the same time.

Different types of laser dentistry

Dentists use two different types of laser dentistry. One addresses soft tissue problems while the other focuses on hard tissue. The intensity of the light beam differs for each of these. The soft tissue laser corrects restricted movement of the tongue and reshapes the gums. It also lengthens crowns and eliminates folds that develop in denture wearers. The hard tissue laser works to treat tooth sensitivity, identify cavities and prepare a tooth for a filling.

Viable treatment

Laser dentistry corrects a broad range of oral problems. That makes it is easy to understand why so many dentists prefer it over other methods. After the procedure, patients have a smooth recovery. In very little time, they are back to their normal activities.

Talk to your dentist about laser dentistry

If you need to have work done, talk to your dentist about this option. The fact is that laser dentistry is less painful compared to other procedures. That makes this a viable option for patients of all ages. Just imagine having a soft tissue problem addressed with little bleeding and swelling. Although a dentist may recommend something different, talking about the possibility of laser dentistry is worthwhile.

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