How Tooth-Colored Fillings Can Improve Your Teeth

Posted on: July 26, 2018

Thinking about getting tooth-colored fillings and looking for a little more information so you can make a decision? Whenever you have a cavity, it is going to need to be filled as soon as possible. A cavity in a tooth means that there is tooth decay present and when tooth decay is present it can easily jeopardize the health of the tooth. When a dentist needs to fill a cavity, they must first remove all of the decay that is present. Then they will fill the cavity in order to preserve the tooth so that it can once again act as it is supposed to.

Types of fillings

There are many different types of fillings available today for dental patients to choose from, which means that they are going to have options. While many patients are still choosing amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings, when they need to have a cavity filled, other patients are looking into other filling options. The main reason why dental patients are choosing natural color fillings vs. silver-colored fillings these days is that they do not want the silver to show. The reason they do not want the silver to show is that they are wanting to improve their overall smile. When natural color fillings are chosen, it is nearly impossible to tell that they have ever had any cavities.

How tooth-colored fillings can improve your teeth

While tooth-colored fillings are often chosen because they allow dental patients to have a better-looking smile, they can also be used to improve the overall strength of the teeth. In fact, natural colored fillings are seen as a part of restorative dentistry services because it can make a tooth stronger even if it has had a cavity. When composite fillings are chosen, the composite material is chemically bonded to the structure of the tooth, which allows the tooth to regain up to 95 percent of its original strength.

When it comes to any repairs needed, the composite material used makes it easy for a dentist to perform any maintenance.

Need fillings for one or more cavities?

If you are thinking about getting tooth-colored fillings to fill your cavities and improve the overall health of your teeth by making them stronger, just give us a call so we can schedule an appointment for you. The procedure does not take very long to perform and after it is over, you will be very pleased with your new tooth-colored fillings. If you happen to have any additional dental procedures that need to be performed, just let us know and we might be able to have these additional procedures addressed at the same time.

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