Dentures FAQ

Posted on: December 8, 2017

DenturesIf you are thinking about getting dentures or would like to know if you are a candidate for them, start out with a visit to the dentist. A dentist will evaluate your teeth and help you determine if a teeth straightening method is prudent at this point in time. If it is determined dentures might help, you will likely be chock full of questions.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about dentures.

What kind of dentures are available?

Dentures can replace all of the teeth or some teeth. Dentures that replace all teeth are referred to as complete dentures. These dentures rest along the gums that are over the jawbones. The retention and stability of dentures can be enhanced by connecting them to dental implants. Dentures that replace some teeth but not all of the teeth are referred to as partial dentures. They connect to teeth still in the mouth and also cover and rest along the gums/bone where other teeth once were. Partial dentures can also be stabilized with dental implants.

Is it difficult to care for dentures?

No. Cleaning dentures is fairly easy. The cleaning should occur at least once per day to minimize staining. The cleaning should eliminate all food and plaque bacteria. Brushing with a soft toothbrush or a denture brush will stop dentures from being permanently stained. Simply moisten the brush, use a non-abrasive soap/denture paste and brush the surfaces inside and out with gentle scrubbing motions. Plenty of stains can be removed with an over-the-counter denture cleaning product so be sure to loyally clean your dentures each day without exception.

Can regular toothpaste be used to clean dentures?

No. Dentures should never be brushed with regular toothpaste. Regular toothpastes often have chemicals and materials that have the potential to significantly harm dentures. The toothpaste could easily scratch the plastic dentures.

Can dentures be whitened?

No. Dentures cannot be whitened similar to natural teeth as dentures are comprised of plastic.

Can broken dentures be repaired?

It might be possible to repair broken dentures. Return the dentures to the prosthodontist who created them. If possible, the crack will be repaired so there are no issues with chewing or soreness. Once the denture is repaired, it must be subsequently checked and adjusted.

Is it safe to sleep in dentures?

You can sleep with your dentures in at night. However, it is preferable that they be taken out prior to sleeping. Removing the dentures gives your gums and bone the opportunity to relax after absorbing pressure from the dentures all day.

Can I eat as I usually do with my dentures in?

Yes. You will learn how to eat with your dentures in little time. It might feel a bit odd, especially with particularly hard or sticky foods. A bit of denture adhesive will help stabilize the dentures and hold them in position.

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