7 Tips for Healthy Teeth from Your Des Moines Family Dentist

If you are looking to learn simple things that can be done to keep your teeth healthy, your Des Moines family dentist is the most qualified person for the job. Keeping teeth healthy does not cost much, and it does not take up that much of your time either. It simply requires a commitment to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Tips from a Des Moines family dentist

Here are seven simple things that keep teeth healthy:

1. Brush before going to bed

Bacteria gets to do more damage to a person's teeth while they sleep, so the mouth should be cleaned before going to bed each night. That reduces the bacteria population in the mouth as well as the food particles these microorganisms can convert into teeth-damaging acids. Saliva (which washes away bacteria) production is reduced while a person sleeps, so the person's teeth benefit greatly from this extra step.

2. Use oral hygiene products that contain fluoride

Teeth are protected by an outer layer known as the enamel. The enamel is constantly being worn down by acids, and it needs fluoride to remineralize and strengthen itself. By using oral hygiene products that contain fluoride, the person ensures their teeth are getting enough of this essential mineral.

3. Limit intake of sugar

Sugar is just as bad for a person's teeth as it is for their overall health. It has a sticky nature, and it is very acidic. It sticks to teeth surfaces and eats away at them. To make things even worse, oral bacteria absolutely love feasting on sugar. The moral of the story: anyone who consumes a lot of sugary foods and beverages will likely deal with significant tooth decay at some point in their lives.

4. Drink lots of water

Water is a neutral liquid, and it washes away acids and bacteria from teeth surfaces. Each drink of water leaves a person's teeth a little bit cleaner. Drinking water after meals is particularly important since it helps to wash any sugars in the food and leftover food particles away.

5. Avoid chewing on hard things

Human teeth are not designed to munch on hard things like ice or hard candies, so avoid these things as much as possible. It can lead to small pieces of a tooth's enamel coming off, and it can also lead to severe damage to a person's teeth.

6. Avoid foods and drinks that stain teeth

There is no way to drink lots of black coffee or red wine regularly and still have pearly white teeth. These beverages have strong coloring agents that can stick to teeth surfaces and make their way into the inner dentin. When a person consumes something with a strong coloring agent, brushing or rinsing the mouth out with water is in order.

7. Get regular teeth cleanings

Teeth cleanings get rid of tartar and give a dentist a chance to evaluate the person's oral health. Any new issues are treated immediately before things become complicated.

Pay your Des Moines family dentist a visit

Stop by our office to learn more about taking care of your teeth. You can also get a cleaning and evaluation while you are there.

Request an appointment here: https://www.desmoinesdentalcenter.com or call Des Moines Dental Center at (206) 408-8541 for an appointment in our Des Moines office.

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