5 Things To Know When Wisdom Teeth Are Coming In?

Wisdom teeth are one of human’s greatest mysteries because it is hard to tell when and how they will erupt in each person. All humans have various opinions of wisdom teeth and there are no basic rules. For people who have had issues with wisdom teeth, it is an unpleasant experience.

Knowing what to expect when your wisdom teeth start developing can help avert potential discomfort, issues, and costly dental procedures.

Wisdom teeth do not always need removal

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars behind your mouth. In some cases, they erupt without causing any issue, sometimes they erupt in the best position, and other times they may become impacted. This means that wisdom teeth are different from each other.

A perfect set of wisdom teeth is not hereditary. Your siblings may have no issues while you may need to have yours removed. Do not make an unnecessary assumption, instead consult your dentist to know if you should have wisdom teeth extraction or not.

Wisdom Tooth Pain Is Not Universal

Just because people around you have experienced severe toothache does not mean you will. The teeth may grow painlessly with only mild irritation. Again, each person is different in how the wisdom teeth will form in the mouth. 

Impacted Wisdom Tooth are Prone to Infection

Although this situation is common and painless, an infection may potentially set in. A tooth is considered impacted if it is jammed in the gum tissue or bone during the eruption. If a partial eruption occurs, the tooth is prone to bacterial invasion of the oral cavity.

Half-erupted teeth sometimes form pockets that are difficult to clean, and when bacteria accumulates there, infection follows. Once infection sets in, you may experience gum inflammation, pain, and bad breath. If you notice any of these signs, you need to visit the dentist immediately.

Wisdom teeth Can Create Issues for the Rest of the Teeth

What you should know is that wisdom teeth did not get their name by being smart. No, the name stems from the fact that they only erupt when you come of age. Since no two people are the same, the experience is sometimes different.

Some people have enough space in their oral cavity to accommodate wisdom teeth. While others do not. If your mouth does not have enough space, the wisdom teeth may need to be removed even if you do not have a toothache. If wisdom teeth do not form fully and infection sets in, it may affect the rest of the teeth as well.

Also, if your teeth are not aligned properly, you may have issues with your bite, so it is only logical to remove all the wisdom teeth, including the healthy ones.

Wisdom Teeth May Not Erupt at the Same Time

The four wisdom teeth may erupt at a different time and differently. While three of the four teeth may come in without any glitch, the last one may become impacted. Two may erupt at the same time while the other two may not appear for another year or two. Every scenario is different for each person. 

We are always here to help with your wisdom teeth!

Dental x-rays and regular examination are the best methods of keeping track of their development.

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