4 Reasons to Consider Laser Dentistry

Posted on: May 5, 2019

The precision that lasers offer makes them a device of choice for medical and health care experts, but how does laser dentistry fare? The past two decades have seen widespread acceptance and use of lasers in dentistry, mainly because it offers a pleasant alternative technique to the scary drillings that occur during standard dental procedures. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of laser dentistry and why you should consider it during your next dental procedure.


Dental lasers are usable in many procedures – everything, including teeth whitening, gum disease treatment, gum reshaping, and canker sore treatment, making them effective and adaptable devices for dentists. Unsurprisingly, specific dental lasers are applicable for different procedures. Handheld diode lasers are used for treating soft tissue dental issues and for conducting restorative dental procedures. The ability to accurately target the laser at only the affected or diseased area helps to preserve healthy tissues and makes the use of laser dentistry entirely beneficial for the patient and the dentist.

Great for handling periodontal diseases

Issues related to the gums have to be treated urgently to prevent the condition from worsening to the point where teeth lose their hold and detach. The basis of gum treatment is scaling to eliminate plaques from gum pockets and root planing to clean the plaque from the roots of the teeth. In advanced situations when a dental surgery is needed, some dentists use a scalpel or electrosurgery appliances that use high-frequency currents or waveforms. However, when patients opt to use a dental laser for the procedure, it is easier to focus on the specific issue, along with extra perks like lesser bacteria and faster healing times.

The surgery is minimally invasive

Most patients cringe at the idea of undergoing dental surgery because it sounds painful and scary. The pleasant news is that if the dentist uses diode lasers, the entire process is minimally invasive when compared to traditional dental surgery. This means that local anesthesia is not necessary for procedures such as cavity filling and gum lacerations to access an impacted wisdom tooth.

Unlike conventional tools, dental lasers offer patients a unique treatment experience. It removes almost all the sounds, pain, and anesthesia required with traditional dental appointments and it is highly beneficial for relieving dental anxiety. Due to this, dental lasers function as the primary device for improving a patient’s experience with dentists.

Promotes faster healing

Nobody wants to undergo a painful procedure or a lengthy recovery period. One of the primary advantages of laser dentistry is that they result in minor bleeding and swelling, which means faster healing. Using lasers for lacerations allows the dentist to cut and coagulate the area concurrently, which averts excessive bleeding.

Is laser dentistry right for you?

If you have a pacemaker and cannot go through electrosurgery methods because of the risk of electrical interference, you can talk to your dentist about dental lasers. Since lasers do not generate a lot of heat and do not have electric elements, they are a safe and minimally invasive dental tool.

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